We Are More Than Our Brain Injuries by Cheryl Green

A brain injury can affect all parts of your life

Cheryl Green - author, advocate, artist

Cheryl Green – author, advocate, artist

I’ve met people who say some of us over-identify with our brain injuries. They complain that all some of us ever talk about is our brain injury. But it’s not for others to say. A brain injury can affect all parts of your life in the present and the future. If it’s your identity, that’s wonderful. If it’s what you want to talk about, that’s wonderful too. It’s not like we’re the only people on the planet who get really into talking about one thing.

Here’s my message to people who think a person with a brain injury has nothing else going on besides a brain injury identity: even if we talk about our brain injury every time you see us, we still have other parts of ourselves that make up rich, complex lives. After all, there are plenty of parts to you that you don’t talk about all the time, right? We’re the same. Ask us sometime!

Stories from the Brainreels

Since May 2013, I’ve been running a streaming radio show on blogtalkradio.com called “Stories from the brainreels.” I started it because there’s too much isolation and separation in our community. I know not everyone has internet access or can hear radio. But it’s my contribution to trying to bridge some of the gaps. Since it streams online, you don’t have to remember to tune in on time. You can access shows 24/7 with an internet connection and speakers. Starting in February 2014, I will be offering typed transcripts of the shows so you can read along.

On February 7th, I’m airing an interview with musician Derek Amato. He’s kinda famous even though he doesn’t like that word. He gets interviewed regularly on major shows like “Ingenious Minds” and “The Today Show.” It’s because he had a mild TBI and became a musical genius. The brain injury unleashed powerful musical abilities and synesthesia (where sees musical sounds as shapes). When you watch all these big time interviews, they keep asking him about his brain injury, how it happened, and how it caused the musical genius. And we’re the ones accused of focusing on our brain injuries all the time? Hmm.

Please tune in Friday, February 7th at 1:00 pm Pacific time and anytime after that at http://tobtr.com/s/5901763. You won’t hear the story of his injury in this interview, but you will get to know a lot about Derek’s faith, family life, charitable activist work, and views on disability and ability. And all I did was ask him what else he wanted to talk about, and we rolled from there together.

3 responses to “We Are More Than Our Brain Injuries by Cheryl Green”

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for your comment, Thomas! I’m so glad you asked “What’s holding us back?” In fact, I’m making a documentary about artists with brain injuries called “Who Am I To Stop It?” Asking the same question!

  3. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In many cases, TBI doesn’t kill you. So what’s the link to that missing strength that we’re supposed to have? My friends, we have it already, we know that we have it, our loved ones do too, We are all like children about to become amazingly mature and creative adults. What’s holding us back? First, the belief that you can’t recover. Second, the means to recover. See my website for a detailed description of some of those means.

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