Friending with Brain Injury by Cheryl Green

DVD by Cheryl Green Explores Importance of Community and Accepting Invisible Disabilities 

Friending with Brain Injury DVDJacqui, looking to make a new friend after her brain injury, ends up on a daytime program, “Friending with Brain Injury!” a show reminiscent of “The Dating Game.” Thinking she is just there to friend people online, she is disconcerted that she can’t even see the two people she is supposed to choose from, Bill and Cheryl.

Bill never recognizes that the show is a competition, instead trying to keep Cheryl calm, focused and playing the game. Cheryl goes through self-centered stories, emotional breakdowns and off-topic rants. Despite their odd behavior, Jacqui appreciates and likes both contestants, having been isolated herself after her traumatic brain injury.

Why is connecting with friends so difficult?

Throughout the film, the Host sets up a series of cognitive and emotional barriers, refusing to accept the players’ unique personalities and needs. She baby-talks at them, makes demands, and ignores their request to have the rules written out. The irony of the Host is that she is a wheelchair user, someone well used to disability discrimination. Yet the Host never recognizes that her impatient, unaccommodating attitude toward the players creates a barrier to their success much like stairs do in her life.

The film is a dark comedy, filled with genuine experiences and stories from the three actors who have had traumatic brain injury in their real lives. The experiences are painful but shown through a biting comedic lens.

In this film we show that people with brain injuries are capable, competent, and complete. We are people. We are not brain injuries.


This 15 minute DVD is available for $12.95 and includes shipping.  Scroll down the list on StoryMinders Disability Access and Film Features.  Click here to order.

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