News Release: SILENT CRIES and TRAVELING FORWARD by Michael Ciafone

Silent Cries by Michael Ciafone

Silent Cries by Michael Ciafone

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Brain Injury is More than a Story – It’s the Life of Michael Ciafone

Traveling Forward by Michael Ciafone

Traveling Forward by Michael Ciafone

Living with a traumatic brain injury is the story and message of two books by Michael Ciafone.  Note-taking  and writing have been his passion and they have become a survival tool for him. He examines those tough personal questions of “Why me?” after his accident as his life as he knew it unwound. His story of hope, perseverance and faith will inspire, inform and support readers – especially other survivors on this journey of rebuilding your life.


The title of Silent Cries is a perfect description of the silence and misunderstandings about traumatic brain injury. Michael Ciafone knows about the personal impact and devastation of TBI as it changed his life forever. In this very personal account of his injury, you will know who the person is behind the brain injury. Now an advocate as well as an author, Ciafone is a frequent speaker at support groups of persons with brain injury and community program. His goal is to raise awareness of both the struggles and triumphs of recovering and living with a brain injury.


Too many survivors of traumatic brain injury get stuck in the past. Not Michael Ciafone. The title of Traveling Forward captures his drive and determination to reclaim his life after he had a TBI. By sharing his story, he hopes to give other survivors support as they travel on the journey forward to deal with the present and face the future. As Michael shares, “It’s about moving forward, not looking back.”

If you would like to make contact with Michael Ciafone, you may write to him at the address listed below.  Links to his books have been placed in this Press Release

Michael Ciafone

880 Oleander Way S. #1411

S. Pasadena, FL 33707

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