Cooking with Brain Injury by Cheryl Green and William Alton


Cooking with Brain Injury – What’s for Dinner?

Cooking challenges many skills after TBI.

Cooking challenges many skills after TBI.

This short film by Cheryl Green is based on true events in her life after a traumatic brain injury. It shows difficulties many people with brain injuries have with things that seem like they should be very simple. The film is set like a network TV cooking show with a bit of a twist. The host, Cheryl, spirals out of control, and her co-host, Bill, lives in his own world and plays by his own rules.

The film speaks  to the quirky, inexplicable, and invisible problems we face that are easily discounted or disbelieved by the general public. It’s one thing to tell someone “I can’t cook anymore!” The typical response is “No big deal. I can’t cook really well either.” It is another thing all together to bring the camera in close and capture the face of someone who is about to sob in front of an audience over something mundane and common. To see someone fall into a fit of laughter over something that is hardly funny. To watch the swings of emotions and the crestfallen expressions of genuine confusion and feeling lost even as the audience can surely see the solutions to the problems. Even in all these difficulties, the film invites real laughter and fun.

You can’t see someone’s brain injury. So you have to trust our struggles and triumphs are real even when we aren’t able to explain them or change them. And even if we look just fine on the outside.


This 13 minute DVD by Cheryl Green is available for $12.95 and includes shipping.  It is listed on StoryMinders Disability Access and Film Features.  Click here to order.


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