New Manual on TBI Hope, A Manual for Emotional Recovery helps Families, Caregivers, and Survivors

Emotional recovery is part of healing after brain injury 

TBI Hope Front Cover

TBI Hope is about emotional recovery after brain injury.

Living Waters Ministry is proud to announce their new emotional recovery manual TBI Hope by Denise Boggs and Debbie A. Leonhardt, M.A.  This step-by-step manual gives families essential tools to help them transition into their new life when caring for a family member who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, often called a TBI.

In this manual, author Denise Boggs shares her family’s journey through their emotional recovery. Her son William suffered a severe TBI and then had 6 strokes after a devastating car accident in March 2005 involving their car and a semi tractor trailer truck. Will was in a coma for 40 days. Initially, they feared that he would not survive. Later their concerns shifted to what his survival would mean for the quality of his life – and for their family.  What would his future be? Who would he be? What care would he need? How would they manage?

Denise recounts her family’s decision to purchase a farm property which today functions as the Living Waters Ministry retreat center. It was a pivotal key to Will’s miraculous recovery from a seemingly “lifeless state” to the well-adjusted thriving young man of 24 he has become.

“Looking back, it is an amazing comparison. The old farm house that had been torn down to just the stud walls –  and our son, torn down as well. They both needed to be rebuilt and given new life full of PURPOSE,” says Denise.

This manual was written in collaboration with the renown professional and mental health practitioner, Debbie A. Leonhardt, who has experienced her own TBI and emotional recovery, as well as her many years counseling other survivors. By sharing their personal experiences along with professional practices, it is filled with exercises for emotional recovery that walk family members and survivors through the stages of life and healing after brain injury. Whether you are a caregiver, family member, or survivor of TBI, this manual will help you prepare for and deal with the challenges and joys of traveling the journey of brain injury and exploring your emotional recovery.

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