Don’t be discouraged, there is always another bus for a TBI survivor! by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

TBI Survivors want immediate healing!

Being a TBI survivor means finding new routes and ways to do things.

Being a TBI survivor means finding new routes and ways to do things.

Young people are very impatient and we live in an instant gratification world. Whether it is advances in technology from cell phones, instant messaging, or other devices that make for immediate communication, people experience things happening in the moment! This kind of expectation is not there for the Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, often called a TBI survivor for short. Healing can take months and years to occur.

As a person becomes older and wiser, he learns that patience often brings positive results.  Many situations that seem so urgent usually resolve themselves when given enough time. It is difficult for a TBI survivor to be patient now, because formerly tasks were accomplished in a much shorter time.

When situations don’t resolve the way expected, it is often true that, “There is always another bus!” That is, things will resolve in time if a person is patient. This is especially true with challenges that seem impossible to overcome and cause a high degree of anxiety. For example, when a person expects  something to happen, like purchasing a long desired item only to find it is no longer available – the disappointment can feel overwhelming. This is exactly the moment when knowing there will be another opportunity in the future will create a calmness of demeanor.

Be persistent!

woman sittingStruggles for the TBI Survivor can seem endless. It is acquiring the internal strength of patience that can make living with this injury possible. Your mental attitude towards difficulties can make the difference.

If at first you don’t succeed, never give up. It is only persistence that eventually wins out, if not for your original goals, but for inner strength and character. More often than not, this persistence will result in you getting much farther than you originally planned. In the process of not giving up you will find a rejuvenation of your hope!  A person can learn from any failures along the way and readjust strategies for obtaining personal goals. It is unfortunate, but giving up always results in defeat and the lack of positive experiences to build on!

The challenge of staying the course will result in many other opportunities in other venues not anticipated. Therefore, the act of going on will provide “another bus” to take you to your goal.  As years go by, a person can experience the truth of this approach.

2 responses to “Don’t be discouraged, there is always another bus for a TBI survivor! by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.”

  1. Bill Jarvis says:


    I too have Ed. D. and was teaching at Taylor University Fort Wayne. Many problems, but I keep going forward. Be persistent; you will heal some area slowly. Now retired and helping others. My TBI method has a lot of Psychology in it. Use to teach Ed. Psychology. Bill Call anytime 260 438 7400

  2. alison says:

    Hi William, I just want you to know that you give me great hope. I have much of your attitude, but doubt sets in and I am so happy I found this blog. It is so great to read all of these wonderful posts. I am 53, a Phd in Clinical Psychology and have a private practice in NYC. I fell a year and nine months ago, 20 ft on to concrete, suffering not only at TBI, but an emergency surgery involving 4 fusions in my thoracic spine. As you can well, imagine the loss, grieving and moving forward with patience I have had. I am most worried about my brain. There are things I suffer from, but there must have been an angel watching out for me, that I lived, was not paralyzed, and can still function social and occupational. I do not how that is possible and I just missed hitting a metal fence by inches! Thank you so much for you posts! alison

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