You Can Do More Than You Think as a TBI Survivor! by William Jarvis, Ed.D.

Don’t let life get you down if you’re a TBI survivor

TBI survivor moves more than furniture. He moves his life forward.

TBI survivor moves more than furniture. He moves his life forward.

A TBI survivor often is discouraged over the routine demands of living. I was overwhelmed by the thoughts of moving. How would I move when I have difficulty walking? There is packing, the logistics of moving, and the setting up a new home. However, I made the decision to move and have never been sorry.

My Colonial home and bad weather (snow) was the major motivation for such an undertaking. I was surprised at the help I received from family and friends to accomplish the demands of moving. I found out that a professional moving company provides all the needed services you need – from packing to moving a car to the new location. Of course there is expense involved, but I was more worried about the personal physical demands of moving.

I discovered that many possessions can be sold through the internet and garage sales. The remainder of things can always be donated to agencies, who deal with the less fortunate.

Keep going…no matter what…be a TBI survivor

Fourteen years after my TBI, fatigue is still an issue; however, doing a little, then resting seems to be the answer. It is surprising how much gets done a little at a time over many months. I would work for forty minutes, then stop and rest.

The most important aspect of this experience was my ability to keep going, no matter how long it took. As has been my experience as a TBI survivor, not giving up is the path to success!

Now I am in my new one floor home and live in an area of year round pleasant weather.

Engage with life

The foundation of any TBI improvement is engagement with life. The most basic and fundamental requirements of life can challenge the TBI Survivor.  However, as with moving, the most difficult challenge to participating in life for a TBI Survivor is overcoming the reluctance to try.

It is by trying and moving forward with life that unbelievable gains are made. It is the acceptance that things in life are too difficult that always results in lack of progress. Improvement does not have to be large gains; improvement can be maintaining what little you can do and not getting worse.

Make it your goal to accomplish great things and you will! Don’t be afraid of what seems to be impossible. Just start and keep going!

As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

5 responses to “You Can Do More Than You Think as a TBI Survivor! by William Jarvis, Ed.D.”

  1. Bill Jarvis says:


    Never give up and move forward. If you persevere and believe in yourself, others will too!

  2. Eric Grew Eichenhofer says:

    How do you get other side to believe in the new found; created you?

  3. cali minich says:

    WOW, you said it all; “Keep going no matter what, be a TBI survivor”. As long as you wake up every am, your life is NOT a waste and you have important things to do or say because YOU are important and specisl! Be thankful!

  4. cali minich says:

    thank you for listening to me! I only want help everyone and anyone who needs it.


  5. Cali Minich says:

    thought for the day: I joyfully accept everything in my life and release all negative thoughts that prevent me from moving forward. This may seem tough to do. But I have to remind myself of this daily. Then things I deal with don’t seem so bad.

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