Real-Life Superheroes Do Exist (I’ve Seen Them)! by Kim Thompson


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Real-Life Superheroes Do Exist (I’ve Seen Them)!

by Kim Thompson

Have you ever thought about the things that a superhero needs?flying-superhero

I have.

Well, there’s certainly looking the part for one. How about a cape? A wardrobe that keeps one agile, comfortable and at the ready to tackle anything, perhaps?

Besides special clothes, one also must have a secret (or not-so-secret) lair. The superhero lair is an important place to think, plan, learn new things and just relax from all of those superhero duties, right?

So, once the superhero look and lair are accomplished, what’s next?

There are a couple of things. The most important: finding one’s special strengths and powers. This takes time, patience and energy; yet, once that’s complete, anything is possible!

And it also doesn’t hurt to have some fellow superheroes or a trusty sidekick/confidante to support the superhero’s efforts along the way to self-discovery and to plan a mission.

Each survivors is a superhero.

Each survivors is a superhero.

Maybe even save the world.

In my personal and professional life, I encounter some real-life superheroes each and every day. And it’s probably not who or what you think.

They are the real-life superheroes of the brain injury community. And while they may not go walking around in capes all day (though I do know someone who does and it’s really pretty awesome) or fly through the air, they have the stuff of superheroes anyway.

Whether it’s in quiet and simple ways, or something loud and proud, there’s no doubt that these survivors make an impact.

And my oh my, when they find their powers, recognize new dreams, take control of their lives and their treatments, build on their strengths and join in the cause to help others in the community, they are unstoppable.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I am a believer.

They have changed the face of brain injury and what brain injury looks like.

Heroes of the super variety, indeed.

And perhaps a little world-saving comes around with that, too.

Are you a witness and believer, too?

About the Author

Kim Thompson is Communications Manager at Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) 

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