A Typical Day with a Brain Injury! (humor) by William C. Jarvis, Ed. D.

Too many choices!

Too many choices!

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A Typical Day with a Brain Injury! (humor)

by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

I needed to go out to the store for food, but could not find the car keys.

Went to see if they were in the car and saw the garbage can.  Took it out to the curb and went back inside for my coat.

I was hungry so took off my coat to eat something.

I forgot that I needed bread.  Had some soup instead and then saw my keys on the table.  Reminded me I needed food, so drove to store.

Stopped at a hardware store to make an extra key, however after going inside the store my key was in the car.  Gave up on the key and continued on to store.

After going in I couldn’t decide between red socks or white.  I thought I would go home and see if I needed socks.

After getting home, the door was locked and I realized I forgot my house key in the house.

Oh well, at least I put on my shoes!

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4 responses to “A Typical Day with a Brain Injury! (humor) by William C. Jarvis, Ed. D.”

  1. Keith W Hankins says:

    I deal with this constantly….??✝️

  2. Humour is indeed a great coping mechanism. Laughter releases endorphins (Endorphins help relieve pain and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria.)

    It is said ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone, for this sad old earth has need of your mirth it has grief enough of its own’. It took me a while to fully incorporate this truism into my life and learn to laugh at myself and feel comfortable doing so.

    If you can’t change your situation, you can change the way you look at it!

  3. Bill Jarvis says:

    Life is difficult without an injury. Humor is an excellent way to find a moment in time when you are not thinking about problems!

  4. Kelly Grant says:

    Thank you! Life Is Only Your Perception and if it is seen with a smile and laugh, your happiness is great. There is something funny about everything. It’s contagious too.

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