When All Seems Hopeless to a Brain Injury Survivor! by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

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When All Seems Hopeless to a Brain Injury Survivor!

by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

It’s Not Hopeless! 

When things are so bad that you are ready to give up, DON’T!!! There will be something or someone who will come into your life and make it bearable again. This has been my experience over and over again. Every situation will improve if you don’t lose heart and give up. It is the optimist about the worse situation that always wins! It may not be in the short term, but it is down the road in the long term. It is the process of going on in life that makes it happen. Defeat is always the result of not going on!

Even if there is temporary disappointment, positive results will come if a person keeps trying. The positive results may be the fact that you did not quit and got through the adversity. Can you think of a time when quitting was the answer? Yes, it is difficult; but you are not alone in experiencing hard times. Look around and you will see many other examples of people who have gone through difficult times and been inspirational! Be that inspiration for others!

Contrary to personal feelings, it is when all seems hopeless that the Brain Injury Survivor needs to go forward in life.  It is the going forward that is essential in resolving issues and making life better.  This is usually the most difficult thing to do and there will always be the temptation to give up.  Be prepared for it and have a plan to regain hope.  It may be talking to a friend, meditation, or thinking through the rationale thoughts of how to go forward.  No one knows the future and being reasonably optimistic will sustain you!


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