You Look Good, You Sound Good by Amanda C. Nachman

What Does it Really Mean if I Look Good and Sound Good?

by Amanda C. Nachman

Look Good ….Really?

How many of us have heard these words over time since our brain injuries?  I have realized that having a brain injury makes people uncomfortable. They don’t know what to say. Is it because they can’t see our injury? Is it because people who care about us just want everything to be okay? It could be all of the above. I don’t know.

Who Do You See?

Who Do You See?

I look good on the outside because it was my brain, an internal organ that was damaged. It did not disfigure me, or leave permanent markings on the outside. I am doing well, but I will always struggle with some of my challenges as a result of my accident. This makes people feel uncomfortable.

Do I lie and say I’m doing better every day? I’m not. I have made huge strides since my accident, but things have pretty much stayed the same over the last few years. I’m okay with it until I hear, “You look good” or “Your speech is good”. I know these sentiments are well meaning, but they are reminders of where I was. People don’t see what I struggle with on a daily basis.

How do we help others to become comfortable with who we are, where we are? How do we make this dialogue okay?

I am an intelligent person, like many of us, and many of my struggles are subtle, yet they do interfere with my life on a daily basis. How do we educate others, and put them at ease for having a dialogue with us about what it is we struggle with internally while looking good on the outside?

2 responses to “You Look Good, You Sound Good by Amanda C. Nachman”

  1. Seth Wood says:

    I am SO thankful I walk w/a cane for this EXACT reason. I’f I’m sitting and throw you one of my dazzling smiles, one would never guess I was disabled in any way..

  2. The struggle is always there. Others do not see it or understand it. It is different for every Survivor. The best way to make others feel more comfortable being around a Survivor is for the Survivor to try everyday to accept his limitations and always move forward in life. Find purpose and productivity. This is not easy, but the best way.

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