Their War Came Home A documentary by veterans for veterans

Their War Came Home

A film about returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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“I knew I was different when I came back from war.”

A Documentary by Veterans for Veterans and Their Families.

A Documentary by Veterans for Veterans and Their Families.

Transitioning from military to civilian life can mean searching for a new identity. Who am I now? Developed to help veterans and their families recognize and understand the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), this 50 minute documentary produced by Korean and Vietnam veterans Norm Seider, Carl Ohlson, and John Drinkard features the voices of veterans who have returned home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I was angry, distant, and didn’t want to be around people.”

“I turned to booze and violence. I was a warrior.”

“Losing my brothers was something I can never describe.”

“My whole life changed at the tip of the bullet that day.”

“I was just lost in my own mind.”

Brutally honest interviews show how the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription meds to numb and calm the anxiety, hypervigilance and flashbacks that are symptoms of PTSD can lead to downward spirals of depression, isolation, homelessness, and suicide. Often coupled with traumatic brain injuries resulting in memory loss, changed thinking and explosive anger, their combined effects are “the perfect storm” making it difficult to navigate daily life. Asking for help and seeking treatment can be hard because, “No one wants to admit they have a problem.” Various choices for treatment and methods of healing are described by veterans, social workers, and counselors – all searching for a “new normal” after the devastation of war.

The impact of war spreads to the family. The effects of secondary traumatic stress or compassion fatigue can directly affect the physical and emotional health of caregivers. A spouse reveals, “We walked on eggshells 24/7. There we times we did not feel safe.” The emotional pain of what is unfolding on the home front can lead spouses to ask, “What’s happening to me? Am I going crazy?”  Those who love and live with someone who has been traumatized can’t help but be affected by it. The process of getting to know this “new person” who has come home from war while saying goodbye to the old person is what is called “living grief” and can be confusing because there is no end to it.

No matter how or where you served as a veteran, no matter how long ago or recently you came home… this documentary is for you, your family and those who care about you.

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2 responses to “Their War Came Home A documentary by veterans for veterans”

  1. anthony v. Fasano, DM(P), DC, Ph,D, says:

    I am a lucky one. A veteran between the Korean and Vietnam, but I feel their story and their pain. I have heard it numerous times with those I treat that have experienced some sort of brain trauma. No matter the cause of trauma to the brain, all seem to have many of the same symptoms, but of course the war vets has a much deeper problem. In talking to those that have been in the recent conflicts, all tell me the same thing.

    This led me to a treatment protocol that has proven very effective in helping many brain traumatized individuals. It is not a cure all but it is a stepping stone to begin them on their journey. If interested, I shall be happy to discuss this further, and even demonstrate what I do.

  2. Dear Marilyn,

    Thank you so much for sharing the documentary, Their War Came Home, with me. My husband, David, and I watched it tonight and we both felt it was very interesting  and well executed. I will write up a short article on it and publish it on my blog under “Brain Injury Resources.” Then I will definitely share it on social media

    Your segment on PTSD and hypervigilance was very informative and you delivered it with such poise.

    Each veteran gave a heartfelt account of his situation. I hope many people will view this documentary to get an inside glimpse of what it is like for troops to return home from war.

    Marshele Carter’s words resounded with me on so many levels and I especially understood her comments on “living grief.” Although I’ve never used that term, I’ve addressed the topic on my radio show of losing the original version of one’s survivor and learning to love the one who took his or her place. 

    Marilyn, applauding you and all who made Their War Came Home, possible.

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