News Release: New Workbook focuses on developing Right Hemisphere for those with Brain Injury

JULY 2017

Lash &  Associates Publishing ( proudly presents a new publication for Brain Injury survivors:


MANDALAS and JOURNALING:A Colorful Pathway to Healing the Brain

By Tracy W. Teregis

This workbook provides therapeutic activities (directed journaling w/prompts coupled w/coloring of simple mandalas – spiritual and ritual symbols representing the universe) that focus on fine motor skills, attention/cognition, creative expression, and developing right hemisphere creativity. It is for individuals with brain injury on the journey of recovery. When shared with caregivers, the activities give a glimpse of what the survivor sees through the lens of a brain injury.

MANDALAS and JOURNALING reflects years of practical application and research on how to use directed journaling statements and the complementary mandalas to exercise the right hemisphere creative centers and promote an alternative, holistic approach to healing.

Included with the workbook is an introductory set of eight (8) coloring pencils.

Tracy Teregis, M.S, has worked as an educator in the field of brain injury for three decades. Teaching in a premier Brain Injury Program has afforded Tracy to work with brain injury survivors and their families in a very unique way. Fueled by her passion for serving adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI), Tracy is driven to create alternative healing tools to equip her students and clients with methods to not just navigate their lives post ABI but to improve their quality of life. Tracy is certified in both Yoga and Guided Imagery. Adapting her curriculum to embody holistic, alternative compensatory strategies has made a profound impact with this unique population. Tracy is a solo practitioner and works intimately with survivors and their caregivers.  Her philosophy and treatment approach is based on the following statement:

“Once the brain injured survivor has achieved medical stability, the importance of a ‘medical model’ becomes less of a focus as you place emphasis on their cognitive deficits.  I specialize in assessing the unique challenges that result from a brain injury.  Once I have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, I customize a cognitive retraining program specifically designed to maximize  rehabilitation.  To do this, I work collaboratively with the survivor and their significant other. (excerpted from website — see link below).”

She lives in North County San Diego. You can find her at BRAIN INJURY REHAB SERVING SAN DIEGO, 714-651-8822

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