News Release: A TBI Survivor Journey of 16-Years

Lash &  Associates Publishing ( proudly presents a new publication for survivors, caregivers, and professionals working with survivors:

MY BRAIN AND I by Jennifer Callaghan


By Jennifer Callaghan

Jennifer shares the triumphs and gains she’s experienced over a 16-year period after sustaining severe traumatic brain injury.  In poignant detail, she writes of her struggles, the many obstacles, and frustrations that have happened.

As with all stories, there is a beginning.  Jennifer’s detailed account gives the reader an inside point of view.  It began when she made the decision to go for a ride on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  But, another driver made the choice to be reckless (speeding).  The resulting accident caused mayhem and disruption of her life from that point forward.

Jennifer wants her readers to know about the impact a severe TBI has on family.  So, she writes about how her immediate family coped with:

  • severe physical injuries,
  • severe traumatic brain injury
  • accompanying lost capacities,
  • emotional turmoil (often manifesting as anger and irritability),
  • loss of hard-earned skills and abilities
  • emergence of behaviors no longer under Jennifer’s control.

Jennifer candidly reveals how she thought, felt, and perceived the world around her as she fought to heal from the injuries.  She was able to recall these experiences because of the thoughtfulness of her primary doctor who suggested she journal what was happening in her life. In the first stage of the journey of recovery, Jennifer thought it was an insurmountable task.  But, the journaling gave her perspective and insight into how she learns/relearns, and documented rewards she experienced on the journey.

Jennifer Callaghan’s private journal has grown into a frank revelation of how her own process of recovery may impact other people who have brain injuries.  It assists in explaining to families and friends why the person with a brain injury behaves certain ways.  It gives significant detail and documents how every small step of life takes huge effort from the survivor.

Jennifer’s Journal has undergone a metamorphosis from a diary into this book.  Her deep-seated desire to talk about TBI is for others, but remains an exercise of self-revelation and discovery.  She knows there are others who need the encouragement her life shares.  Jennifer has and will open up vistas for those caring for the brain injury survivor, including the many professionals, doctors, therapists and social workers trying to help, or struggling to understand who this strange person with a brain injury was and now is.

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    Will this book be available in libraries? On bookshare?

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