Having a Brain Injury Was Never the Plan!

Having a Brain Injury Was Never the Plan!


By Barbara Webster and

The Amazing Framingham Brain Injury Survivor Support Group of

The Brain Injury Assoc. of Massachusetts



I never thought . . .

It would be so hard to find the right medical care.

Life could change so easily and so drastically from an “invisible” injury.

A brain injury could result from cancer treatments.

It would take so long and be so difficult.

People would treat me differently.

One can “look great” but be a total disaster inside.

Everything, even doing the simplest things, would be so hard.

My professional career would end.

I would be so miserable without my career.

I’d lose control of my income at such an early age.

The losses would penetrate every area of my life.

I’d change unintentionally.

I wouldn’t be able to think.

I would face a different me.

I’d be unable to depend on myself consistently.

I’d have a hard time expressing myself or understanding what was said.

I’d lose control of my emotions, laugh or cry spontaneously.

I could lose control and become a “Tazmanian Devil”, without warning.

I’d lose the ability to do the things I’m passionate about.

I’d cling to some basic abilities, like driving.

I’d lose the ability to enjoy to social events.

It would affect my marriage.

My family wouldn’t understand.

I’d lose “friends”.

Life would never be like it was.

I could feel like I was going crazy, hopeless and want to die.

I would have to create a new “self”.

I’d find such great joy in accomplishing the simplest things.


 I wish I’d known . . .

There was help for people like me much earlier.

There would be so many others like me.

How much progress I could make.

That I would feel better, eventually.

I’d find many alternate ways to get through the days.

How strong I could be.

I’d be able to laugh again.

I’d be accepted once again.

I could forgive myself.

A brain injury could ultimately change the course of my life for the better in many ways.


We invite you to add your thoughts . . .


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3 responses to “Having a Brain Injury Was Never the Plan!”

  1. Tanya says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled across this but you hit it right on the nail about how you feel with a brain injury. I’m tired of people not understanding because you look fine. I’m tired of not being the same me that I used to be…the super smart everything in my head remember it all person. Instead I’m the “I can’t remember what I wanted to say” or “what’s that person’s name?” (that I’ve known all my life) person. The person that has to ask my kids “do you remember…” all of the time. It’s frustrating and depressing at the same time.

  2. Shirley S Talley says:

    I live in Houston TX – supposedly a top medical city -but can’t find help, a good doctor who treats a brain injury. Many doctors will not even see me. Those I do see talk to me, or test me, and fill out a report and send me home. In Houston they are more into treating ball players with concussions. Does anyone know how I can find a doctor here to help me. Also looking for a brain injury group to join.

  3. Tasha Hewitt says:

    I love this. It’s great to have someone else feel the way I do… Although I’d like to add .that the light in the tunnel seems so bleak at first few yrs… But I can see it now. And boy am I excitted!!!

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