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Brain Bulletin is a monthly electronic newsletter that is free. It features specific clinical topics that are written in a practical, easy to read format. Each article offers tips and strategies for clinicians, therapists, educators, and survivors, families, and caregivers. Each issue has links to the source.

Brain Injury Journey Bulletin-Memory

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Tips for improving memory recall

–Check your planner/organizer or calendar and “To Do” Lists first thing in the morning.
–Pick specific places for important items like medications, car keys, wallet/purse, etc. Always put them away in the same place, so you know where to find them.
–Jog your memory by checking your lists before beginning tasks.
Try these tips when you have difficulty trying to remember a word, situation or place…
–Describe or define the word you’re trying to remember.
–Visualize the situation or place.
–Take a break.
**Check your planner when you can’t remember what you are doing. You could be preoccupied with too many thoughts and trying to do too many things at the same time

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