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badge2Living with brain injury, whether it is caused by a traumatic injury, stroke, tumor, infection, or illness, is a lifelong journey for survivors, families, and caregivers. The Brain Injury Blog is about more than the care, treatment and rehabilitation of those who survive brain injury. It is about the journey of brain injury from the perspectives of those who live with it as well as those who provide care, treatment and support. Survival is just the first step in living with brain injury. Please join us in the journey of hope after brain injury.

Blast Injury PTSD in Reservists and National Guard by Marilyn Lash, M.S.W.

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Reservists and National Guard have long deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan which are stressful for families and children. War changes soldiers. Many veterans come home with blast injuries, undiagnosed concussions, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), burns and amputated limbs. Adjusting to civilian life, going to college, returning to work, and living with family can be stressful for veterans and family members.

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