Brain Injury Books on Children and Behavior

Brain Injury Books on Children and Behavior

Behavior after brain injury in children

Changes in behavior when a child or student has a brain injury can challenge parents and educators. These educational books and manuals on brain injury behavior...
    • explain the causes of behavior changes after brain injury
    • give educators and therapists strategies to assess and manage behavior at school and in the classroom
    • provide tools and resources for developing behavior plans
    • show how to provide positive supports for behavior at home and in school
    • evaluate the effectiveness of behavior strategies at school


Set of Educational Manuals on Students with Brain Injury

This comprehensive set of manuals was created to help educators, therapists, school administrators and parents identify and effectively address the special needs of a student with a brain injury. This is an essential tool kit filled with assessment tools, educational strategies, compensatory techniques and learning methods for all ages. Set contains all 7 manuals and CDs with PDF worksheets.

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Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors of Students with Brain Injuries

Behaviors in students with brain injuries are often the most frustrating, confusing and problematic issue for educators and parents at home and in school. This manual explains how brain trauma can affect behavior in a student. It provides a systematic step by step approach to using applied behavior analysis to address challenging behaviors in students with brain injuries. The manual comes with a CD with all worksheets and forms.

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Students with Brain Injury: Challenges for Identification, Learning and Behavior in the Classroom

A brain injury can have many physical, cognitive and behavioral consequences for students. This manual gives educators and parents a foundation for understanding the educational needs and behavioral challenges of children with traumatic brain injuries with in-depth discussions of how to help students think and learn and how to help students with behavioral challenges.

Students with Brain Injury is also available as an eBook click here .

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