Beyond Brain Injury: Perspectives on Progress, Reflection, Rehabilitation, and Recovery--Volume 2

Beyond Brain Injury: Perspectives on Progress, Reflection, Rehabilitation, and Recovery--Volume 2

Editors Marilyn Lash, M.S.W. and Barbara Stahura, C.F.J.

Edited by Barbara Stahura and Marilyn Lash-Cluett, this booklet is a compendium of feature articles and written perspectives of survivors, professionals, experts, and others known and respected in the brain injury community. Each writer seeks to enhance and increase knowledge levels and promote the dissemination of information. Coupling the individual article with TP CARDS, a readily affordable and available resource will only enhance and crystalize what should and needs to be known. Beyond Brain Injury, Volume 2, is an invaluable companion booklet and practical addition to the resources already available in Volume 1. This stand-alone booklet really belongs in every home, waiting room, hospital, clinic, and agency.

Beyond Brain Injury, Volume 2, just as Beyond Brain Injury, Volume 1, tackles many issues and expounds and expands on the information and knowledge each author consideres to be critical and crucial for many in and outside of the Brain Injury community. With articles spanning topics from family coping, grief and loss, caregiving, survivor support, wounded veterans, clinical updates, sports injuries, and educating students, Volume 2 has something for everyone. More than a book, it is a tool and path to rebuilding life after brain injury.

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Full Description

Articles are written by national experts in a style that is user-friendly for all readers. By combining personal stories, interviews with experts, clinical updates, and research findings, this special collection offers insights and resources for navigating the complexity of brain trauma and the challenges of rehabilitation and recovery over a lifetime.

Pages 104
Year 2015


Our writers reflect the brain injury community to whom this magazine is devoted: people with brain injury who come from civilian and military backgrounds, family caregivers and family members, and expert providers such as speech pathologists, therapists, educators, and mental health professionals. We cover a spectrum of topics to provide helpful, valuable information in clear, reader-friendly language.

Authors featured in Volume 2 include regular columnists Theresa Sacchi Armstrong, Janelle Breese Biagioni, Janet Cromer, April Groff, Thomas Henson, Phil Hossler, Marilyn Lash, Rosemary Rawlins, Barbara Stahura, and Carol Svec.

Guest authors include Steve Almond, Ricky Brown, Beverly Bryant, Al Condeluci, Nina Deeds, Molly Dorhauer, David Grant, Danna Haba, Katherine Kimes, Jennifer Papa Llado, Lisabeth Mackall, Arden McGregor, Dennis Radman, Carolyn Rocchio, Jeff Sebell, Mike Strand, Julia Warton, and Nathan Zasler.


Publisherís Letter by Marilyn Lash

Editorís Letter by Barbara Stahura

Family Matters

Creative, Fun Ways Families Can Help After Brain Injury by Rosemary Rawlins

Permission by Rosemary Rawlins

The Dignity of Risk: A Family Perspective with Pia Pearce by Rosemary Rawlins

Bounce Forward into Resilience by Rosemary Rawlins

Caregivers Compass

Should I Stay or Should I Go? by Janet Cromer

Sexuality after Traumatic Brain Injury by Janet Cromer

A Brain without Oxygen: Hypoxic-Anoxic Injury by Janet Cromer

The Mindful Caregiver by Janet Cromer

When Caring Hurts Too Much by Carolyn Rocchio

New Horizons

Dancing in the Dark by Mike Strand

Loss of Identity by Mike Strand

A Glimpse into my TBI by Katherine Kimes

Whoever Said Marriage Would be Easy after Brain Injury by Beverly Bryant

Fostering Ripples of Hope by Dennis Radman and Arden McGregor

The Dark by Molly Dorhauer

Letís Get Social: Building a Life after Brain Injury by David Grant

This Little Light by Molly Dorhauer

Resetting Zero: How We Build Hope by Jeff Sebell

Stepping Stones

Who is This Person? The Emotional Roller Coaster of Brain Injury and Loss by Janelle Breese Biagioni

Hello, Goodbye, Hello by Janelle Breese Biagioni

A Living Grief by Katherine Kimes

Acceptance is Not Defeat. It is Where You Begin by Janelle Breese Biagioni

Iím Okay. So You Be Okay. Okay? by Janelle Breese Biagioni

Telling Your Story

The Stroke Bloke by Barbara Stahura

The Story of My Stroke by Ricky Brown

Your Brain on Ink by Barbara Stahura

A Dream of Driving by Barbara Stahura

Writing After Brain Injury Can Heal by Barbara Stahura

Legal Link

When Divorce is on the Table by Thomas Henson and Carol Svec

Legal Portrait: Stanly Fulfordís Motor Vehicle Wreck by Thomas Henson and Carol Svec

Power of Attorney Gives Legal Control by Thomas Henson and Carol Svec

Brain Injury and the Developing Mind by Thomas Henson and Carol Svec

Veteran Voices

Military Women Coping with PTSD by Barbara Stahura

Children Caught in the Crossfire at Home by Marilyn Lash and Nina Deeds

The Ripple Effect of Hope by Julia Warton

Wet Noses, Sloppy Kisses, and PTSD by Marilyn Lash

Clinical Corner

Memory: That Elusive and Ever-changing Skill by Lisabeth Mackall

Aging Well After Brain Injury by April Groff

Brain Basics: Frontal Lobe by April Groff

Brain Basics: The Temporal Lobes by April Groff

The Parietal Lobe by April Groff

Vision Therapy after Brain Injury by Danna Haba

Healing with Your Eyes Closed by Jennifer Papa Llado

Friendly Connections: The Importance of Social Capital by Al Condeluci

Choosing Your Doctor after Brain Injury by Nathan Zasler

Play Safe

Use Your Head to Care for Concussions by Phil Hossler

Wheels of Misfortune by Phil Hossler

Back to School After a Concussion by Phil Hossler

This is Your Brain on Football by Steve Almond

Kidsí Club

Time Reveals Brain Injury in Children by Theresa Sacchi Armstrong

Mistakes, Risks, and Sex Ė Itís Adolescence! by Teresa Sacchi Armstrong

When My Parent is Injured, What about Me? by Teresa Sacchi Armstrong


Connecting Research with People by Marilyn Lash

Words Matter by Marilyn Lash

Are We Asking Too Much of Families by Marilyn Lash

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