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Books and Manuals in Spanish for Children, Families, and Clinicians

Books and Manuals in Spanish for Children, Families, and Clinicians

Information and books in Spanish on brain injury in children

Information on brain injury for Spanish speaking families, clinicians and educators can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation, schools, home and communities.   


Lesión Cerebral: Es un viaje - Una Guia Practica Para Familias

Translated into Spanish, this popular manual for families explains the consequences of traumatic brain injury and gives strategies for coping with changes in the survivor's physical abilities as well as cognitive and behavioral changes. It helps families understand various types of brain injury, the rehabilitation process, and helps prepare them for future issues. This manual is a great tool to educate and support families as they learn about and live with the consequences of acquired brain injury.

Traducido al español, este popular manual para familias explica las consecuencias de la lesión cerebral traumática y da las estrategias para hacer frente a los cambios en la capacidad física de supervivencia, así como cambios cognitivos y conductuales, y ayuda a las familias a comprender diversos tipos de lesiones cerebrales, el proceso de rehabilitación, y ayuda a preparar a los jóvenes para problemas en el futuro. este manual es una herramienta muy útil para educar y apoyar a las familias conocer y vivir con las consecuencias del daño cerebral adquirido.

Price: $25.00

Manual Terapeutico para el Adulto con Dificultades delHabla y Lenguaje, Tomo 1 Una seleccion de materiales de edtimulo

Spanish translation of Katherine Kilpatrick's popular Therapy Guide for Language and Speech Disorders. As a portable treatment tool for therapists, this therapy guide plus flash drive has hundreds of worksheets with cognitive communication activities ranging from simple to complex levels. There are exercises and activities for comprehension, speech and language, writing, number skills, speech production, gestures plus word communication charts. The large print is helpful for persons with visual difficulties and/or cognitive challenges and is suitable for a wide age range including adolescents, adults, veterans and elderly persons with neurological injuries or impairments due to head trauma, brain tumor, brain infection, or stroke.
Comes with manual and flashdrive.
Item: KK1SP
Price: $75.00

! Asi soy Yo! Spanish Version of All About Me!

This booklet is the Spanish version of All About Me! It helps pre school and elementary school children and students describe the physical, cognitive, and behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury and post concussion syndrome.

Price: $7.00