! Asi soy Yo! Spanish Version of All About Me!

! Asi soy Yo! Spanish Version of All About Me!

Roberta DePompei, Ph.D. and Bob Cluett, A.D.

This booklet is the Spanish version of All About Me! It helps pre school and elementary school children and students describe the physical, cognitive, and behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury and post concussion syndrome.

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Full Description

This booklet is a tool to help children, parents, therapists and teachers identify compensatory strategies and develop classoom supports to help young students cope with physical, cognitive behavioral, social and communicative changes after an acquired brain injury. However, it can be used by any child or student with special needs or a disability regardless of the cause. It is useful to help children and students learn how to express their needs, increase awareness among teachers, and to learn about self-advocacy.

Bob Cluett remembers his TBI struggles in school after he fell from a third story porch when he was four years old. Neither his parents nor teachers understood, because he had no physical signs of a disability. His experience is still repeated today.

Speech and language pathologist, Dr. Roberta DePompei is an expert in cognitive communication. She understands how schools and classrooms function. She applies this knowledge in All About Me! by providing checklists of adaptations and instructional strategies that can be used in schools and education when a student has a brain injury.

Just as the child is more than a disability, All About Me! focuses on more than brain injury. This booklet can be used effectively by any child with special learning needs.

ISBN# 1-931117-06-3
Pages 16 pages, 5½ x 8½ softcover
Year 1998


Roberta DePompei, Ph.D.

Roberta DePompei, Ph.D., is a Professor and Clinical Supervisor at the Audiology and Speech Center at the University of Akron in Ohio. An advocate of the needs of youths with brain injuries and their families, she is on numerous national task forces and committees, as well as former co-chair of the Special Interest Group on Children and Adolescents with Brain Injuries for the Brain Injury Association of America.

Widely published and a national and international presenter, Dr. DePompei specializes in the impact of brain injury upon speech, language and communication. She is especially interested in developing transitional opportunities for students as they progress through school and prepare for adulthood.

Bob Cluett

As the survivor of a childhood brain injury, Bob brings a special perspective as CEO of Lash and Associates Publishing/Training Inc.. The skills that he developed during his corporate career of over 20 years in communication, marketing, direct mail advertising and sales now focus on publishing information about the consequences of brain injury among children, adolescents and young adults.

He is the former Chairman of the Board for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina.


¡Mi escuela!

Qué cosas me ayudan en la escuela

¡Personas que me ayudan en la escuela!

Con estas cosas necesito ayuda

  • Para pensar y aprender...
  • Para hablar y para leer...


  • Así es como mejor aprendo!
  • ¡Las cosas que me hacen difícil poner atención!
  • ¡Mi mejor hora del día!


¡Así es como mejor aprendo!

  • __ escríbeme las cosas
  • __ vé despacio cuando me enseñas nuevas ideas
  • __ repite las cosas
  • __ mantén las ideas sencillas
  • __ muéstrame láminas
  • __ dame ejemplos de lo que tengo que hacer
  • __ dime quién, qué, dónde, cuándo y por qué
  • __ permíteme tocarlo o hacerlo
  • __ enséñame en grupos pequeños
  • __ déjame usar la calculadora
  • __ déjame usar la computadora
  • __ dame tiempo para mí mismo
  • __ dame tiempo aparte para descansar
  • __ permíteme tener un compañero en el salón
  • __ dime las cosas que hice bien

¡Las cosas que me hacen difícil poner atención!

  • __ luces brillantes
  • __ ruidos
  • __ el nivel de la temperatura
  • __ los colores brillantes
  • __ otros estudiantes hablando
  • __ demasiadas personas
  • __ cuadros y objectos en las paredes
  • __ sentarme cerca de la ventana
  • __ estar cerca del pasillo
  • __ estar demasiado lejos de la pizarra

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