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Arnie’s MRI - PDF eBook

This children’s book - PDF eBook - is about treatment for a concussion, Arnie the armadillo falls off his bicycle. Because he isn’t wearing a helmet, he hurts his head and has to have a MRI. He doesn’t understand what this is so he is nervous about the examination. The story line and colorful illustrations help children understand why Arnie is a bit scared. Hospital staff address his fears about medical procedures by turning the MRI exam into an adventure. Arnie soon overcomes his fears and learns why he should always wear a bicycle helmet.
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Item: ARNIE-eBook
Price: $7.50

Billy Butterfly Tries - PDF eBook

A delightful story in eBook format with colorful illustrations for young children features Billy Butterfly as he tries to compete in the Insect Olympics with a sore wing. Written and illustrated by a survivor of a severe brain injury, this is a story of perseverance, hope and overcoming the challenges of having a disability. It is an excellent tool to help friends and peers be sensitive to the needs and abilities of children with disabilities. Billy’s story shows the importance of helping children try and the meaning of encouragement and support from friends and family.

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Item: BILLY-eBook
Price: $5.00

ELVIN The Elephant Who Forgets - PDF eBook

A story eBook for children explains traumatic brain injury through the story of Elvin the elephant who has a tree branch fall on his head. It helps children learn how a brain injury can affect learning, emotions, behavior and relationships in school and at home. It shows the difference between physical or visible and cognitive or invisible disabilities and special needs for help in school.
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Item: ELVIN-eBook
Price: $7.50

Brain Development in Children and Adolescents - PDF eBook

This eBook helps parents and educators understand how the child’s brain develops and why an acquired brain injury can have both immediate and long-term consequences. It shows how a traumatic injury can disrupt the brain’s development and why changes may show up as the child grows up. By understanding how various regions of the brain develop, families and educators will recognize the relationship between an injury and changes in the child’s physical, cognitive, social, behavioral, and communicative skills.

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Item: BDCA-eBook
Price: $5.00

Signs and Strategies for Educating Students with Brain Injuries - PDF eBook

Educating a student with a brain injury can be challenging for teachers and therapists unfamiliar with the immediate and long-term consequences of brain trauma. This eBook manual describes the effects of acquired brain injuries on a student's learning, behavior, communication, cognition and adjustment in school and at home. There are strategies for instruction, support and accommodation with student vignettes.


Item: SSES-eBook
Price: $12.50

Students with Brain Injury: Challenges for Identification, Learning and Behavior in the Classroom - PDF eBook

A brain injury can have many physical, cognitive and behavioral consequences for students. This eBook manual gives educators and parents a foundation for understanding the educational needs and behavioral challenges of children with traumatic brain injuries with in-depth discussions of how to help students think and learn and how to help students with behavioral challenges.


Item: SWBI-eBook
Price: $10.00

Learning and Cognitive Communication Challenges: Developing Educational Programs for Students with Brain Injuries - PDF eBook

Cognitive communication - or how the student with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) thinks and learns – can challenge educators unfamiliar with TBI. This manual explains the dynamics of cognitive processes and classroom behaviors. Developmental challenges are explored with the increased language demands of English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.


Item: LCCC-eBook
Price: $10.00