Books for Survivors of Brain Injury

Books for Survivors of Brain Injury

Books with information for survivors of brain injury

Survivors or persons with brain injury face many challenges as they rebuild their lives at home and in the community. These books describe their cognitive, physical and social challenges and provide coping strategies and tools for adjustment and rebuilding relationships.


Survival Kit

Persons with brain injuries often have difficulty with planning and organization due to cognitive challenges. This new planner and organizer is filled with tools, strategies, checklists, schedules, reminders, logs, and charts. They are designed to help survivors develop compensatory strategies for everything from the tasks of daily living to organizing their household and routine. This new second edition of the popular Survival Kit is more compact, portable and affordable for easy use. The Survival Kit is ideal for use in rehabilitation, out-patient programs, residential settings, at work, at home and in the community.

The CD for the Survival Kit is included with files to print additional forms.

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Expanded Consciousness: More Meditations on Brain Injury

This second book by popular columnist Mike Strand delves into the mysteries and challenges of living with a brain injury. Using short essays to explore and express his personal thoughts and experiences, he offers insights, perspective, and support for survivors of brain injury, their families, and caregivers. With a mix of humor, grace, sensitivity and awareness he tackles the ever changing challenges for survivors as they rebuild their lives. Topics covered are as diverse as climbing stairs to marriage to getting cable. This is a book that you will go back to over and over again no matter where you are in the journey of brain injury.

Read an interview with Mike Strand

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Finding a Path Through the Aftermath of TBI - a Trilogy

This three-book trilogy takes the reader through Mike Strand's TBI journey. The set, Meditations on Brain Injury , Expanded Consciousness, and Final Reflections on Brain Injury, reveal how deep one individual went in his search for tranquility and comprehension. Buy the set and save! This special set provides hope, inspiration, insight and understanding for the challenges and triumphs of life after brain injury. It's short stories and essays will offer you pathways to your own insight about your TBI journey.

A gifted writer and speaker, Strand's books are absolute treasures for survivors, caregivers, and families. Professionals and providers will have a glimpse into the personal journey of brain injury and can use these books to inform and support patients and clients.

Ideal for support groups to stimulate discussions and share experiences.
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Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job after Brain Injury: A workbook and training program

A vocational training program for adults with traumatic and other types of acquired brain injuries living in the community includes 20 structured sessions with a workbook and CD with worksheets. Part One of the vocational curriculum helps survivors of brain injuries and blast injuries explore their interests, concerns and readiness for finding a job or returning to work. Part Two covers steps of looking for a job with attention to disclosure of a disability, on the job accommodations, resume preparation and interviewing. Part Three covers strategies for keeping a job and avoiding problems on the job.

Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job is also available as an eBook click here.

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Brain Injury Coping Skills: A support and education program for adults with brain injury and their caregivers

Brain Injury Coping Skills was developed to advance evidence-based practice to help families and survivors cope with the effects of brain injury. This intervention includes supportive psychotherapy, psychoeducation, stress management and problem-solving skills through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. This unique approach to helping adults with brain injury and their caregivers in the community uses a 16 week cognitive behavioral treatment intervention. The manual documents content for 20 sessions with detailed instructions for facilitators, session activities, homework assignments, and a CD with handouts and worksheets. Winner of 2009 McDowell Award by American Society for Neurorehabilitation

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Silent Cries

The title of Silent Cries is a perfect description of the silence and misunderstandings about traumatic brain injury. Michael Ciafone knows about the personal impact and devastation of TBI as it changed his life forever. In this very personal account of his injury, you will know who the person is behind the brain injury. Now an advocate as well as an author, Ciafone is a frequent speaker at support groups of persons with brain injury and community program. His goal is to raise awareness of both the struggles and triumphs of recovering and living with a brain injury.
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Traveling Forward

Too many survivors of traumatic brain injury get stuck in the past. Not Michael Ciafone. The title of Traveling Forward captures his drive and determination to reclaim his life after he had a TBI. By sharing his story, he hopes to give other survivors support as they travel on the journey forward to deal with the present and face the future. As Ciafone says, "It's about moving forward, not looking back."
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