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Brain Injury Children Tip Card Sample Packet

Brain Injury Children Tip Card Sample Packet

Brain injury tips and information on children

The Brain Injury Sample Packet on Children is a great way to see all the "Tip Cards" on the physical, cognitive, emotional, communicative, social and behavioral effects of traumatic and acquired brain injuries and brain tumors in children.
The Sample Packet on Children comes collated with a cover and is discounted 20% off the individual price. Please see the Table of Contents for a listing of titles.


Children and Youth Sample Packet of Tip Cards on Brain Injury

The sample packet of tip cards on children and adolescents with brain injury includes information on the brain, helping families cope, child development, concussion, learning and school, adolescence, and young adulthood. They are written for families, therapists, clinicians, educators and advocates for use in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation programs, home, schools, and community programs.

Price: $25.00
Market price: $44.00 save 43%

Sample Packet of Tip Cards on Concussions in Children and Teens

Concussions in school sports are the most common type of brain injury. Written by national experts on concussion management, this collection of 5 tip cards on concussion in children and teens covers the effects of concussion from the playing field to the classroom. Includes information on symptoms of concussion, immediate and long-term effects, returning to school, and playing sports. An 8 week post-concussion checklist helps parents, educators and athletic staff monitor recovery. Has tips on providing support and accommodations in school.

Price: $5.00