Putting the Pieces Together, A linguistically-based cognitive retraining manual, Vol 4

Putting the Pieces Together, A linguistically-based cognitive retraining manual, Vol 4

Kathryn Kilpatrick, M.A., CCC-SLP

Adolescents, adults and veterans with mild-to-moderate cognitive-based language deficits due to brain trauma, blast injury, stroke, aphasia will find this workbook useful. This manual with flashdrive provides exercises designed to address problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning and conceptualization – skills that are essential for cognitive rehabilitation. While the material is designed as fun activities, they stimulate the individual’s problem solving and reasoning abilities.

Includes manual and flashdrive.

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The workbook is organized in three parts. Each section addresses a major portion of cognitive language rehabilitation: visual-spatial reasoning, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. Each section is organized hierarchically so the user can progress from level 1 (simplest) to level 3 (most difficult).

Sample exercises for each level are provided along with the answers to help the therapist determine the appropriate level for the individual to start treatment and for assignment of carryover exercises. This workbook includes a variety of brain games for all ages.

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This well-organized workbook is an excellent resource when therapy focuses on relearning and remembering strategies and techniques for:

  • problem solving
  • inductive/deductive reasoning
  • conceptualization
  • organization
  • judgment
  • sequencing
  • attention/concentration
  • visual field neglect
Item KK4
ISBN# 1-880504-04-9
Pages 389 pages, spiral bound, plus flashdrive
Year New edition includes flashdrive, 2014.


Kathryn Kilpatrick, M.A., CCC-SLP

She received her Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts and has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practice and home health care. She is a motivational speaker, marketing consultant, and trainer on the local, state and national level. She conducts family support groups and provides staff training on Life Enhancement. Ms Kilpatrick's recent area of focus has been helping individuals interested in person directed care to create their own Lifestyle Care Plan.



I. Visual-Spatial Reasoning

  • Instructions
  • Section 1 Matching ldenticals
  • Section 2 Different Shapes
  • Section 3 Tracking
  • Section 4 Size Comparison
  • Section 5 Copy or Divide
  • Section 6 Pattern Sequencing
  • Section 7 Counting
  • Section 8 Analogies
  • Section 9 Pattern Completion
  • Section 10 Which Does Not Belong
  • Section 11 Hidden Shapes
  • Section 12 Remove or Add
  • Section 13 Shape Formation
  • Section 14 Combining Shapes
  • Section 15 Missing Parts
  • Answers

II. Verbal Reasoning

  • Instructions
  • Section 1 Run Ons
  • Section 2 Correct Spelling
  • Section 3 Incorrect Spelling
  • Section 4 Missing Vowels
  • Section 5 Words in Wheels
  • Section 6 Hidden Word Puzzles
  • Section 7 Letter Maze
  • Section 8 Letter Sequencing
  • Section 9 Letter Relationships
  • Section 10 Related Words
  • Section 11 Words Within Words
  • Section 12 Common Missing Letters
  • Section 13 Common Missing Words and Letters
  • Section 14 More Common Missing Words and Letters
  • Section 15 Word Relationships
  • Answers

Ill. Numerical Reasoning

  • Instructions
  • Section 1 Counting
  • Section 2 Before, After or Between
  • Section 3 Hidden Numbers
  • Section 4 Decoding
  • Section 5 Number Sequencing
  • Section 6 Numbers in Wheels
  • Section 7 Numbers in Boxes
  • Section 8 Fractional Relationships
  • Section 9 Missing Numbers
  • Section 10 Number Relationships
  • Answers

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