Tell Me This: Encouragement and Hope after Brain Injury

Tell Me This: Encouragement and Hope after Brain Injury

Catherine (Catz) LeBlanc

This thoughtful, sensitive, and engaging pocket guide gives athletes, veterans and individuals hope and encouragement as they navigate the challenges of living with a brain injury or concussion. Designed as a pocket guide for quick reading and reference, it will give you far more than a pocketful of readings and reminders of what’s important for your recovery. LeBlanc best describes her writing as "wisdom nuggets or little soul energy packets wrapped as words."

Tell Me This will lift you up when you are feeling down. It will restore your belief in yourself. It will help others understand your triumphs and your disappointments.

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As an accomplished athlete, author Catherine (Catz) LeBlanc knew the risks of sports injuries. As a physician’s assistant, she knew how the brain and body work. But the concussion she sustained in a team handball game was compounded by a rear end high speed auto-truck collision 2 months later – and her life changed completely. Unable to find the hope, reassurance and inspiration she needed while struggling with her physical and cognitive challenges, she wrote Tell Me This. Her prose captures the complex feelings and emotions that are shared by so many individuals with concussions and brain injuries, but she does this with clever graphics and short phrases or “snippets” that make reading this guide a real pleasure. You will pick it up again and again.

ISBN# 978-1931117753
Pages 72
Year 2013


Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Ms. Catherine (Catz) LeBlanc has worked as a Physician’s Assistant and project manager. In 2009, she suffered a sports concussion, then two months later was rear-ended at a high speed. She has been disabled by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and did not find a pocket-book for brain injured athletes / veterans / she wrote this one. She has a son, and lives in Cambridge, MA. Her neurological rehabilitation process is ongoing.



  • I will try my best to keep a positive attitude.
  • To reframe things to optimize my situation.
  • I will expect obstacles.
  • I can react quickly & positively to setbacks.
  • It is better to go with the flow.
  • My number one purpose is to heal my brain.
  • Stay focused on my purpose.
  • I have amazing loved ones who care very much about me.

I will do everything to the best of my ability today

- with_____________________________________________





and all my angels who've got my back.

You can do this.

Sometimes it feels impossible.

It feels like you can’t or it feels like you aren’t.

But if you are listening or reading this -

it’s proof that you are.


"Thank you so much for writing this book. It is inspiring! The messages are simple, yet powerful. It touched my heart again and again. I read it four times in one sitting and wanted to keep reading it." Barbara Webster, Author of Lost and Found, A Survivor's Guide for Reconstructing Life after a Brain Injury

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