Condeluci Series on Community Engagement and Inclusion

Condeluci Series on Community Engagement and Inclusion

Al Condeluci, PhD

Read Al Condeluci's series on the power of social capital and community in this special collection of his 4 books on building community engagement and advovacy for systems change. Buy the full set at a special price and save.

Whether you are a consumer, provider, family member, policy maker, clinician, or academic, Condeluci will challenge you and make you rethink how you approach, provide and evaluate services and supports for persons with disabilities in the community.

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This special collection at a discount price includes Al Condeluci's newest books The Macro Change: Organizing for Advocacy and Social Capital: The key to macro change. Also included are his popular books Together is Better: Creating a Community where Each Belongs and The essence of Interdependence: Building Community for Everyone.

Condeluci discounts the medical model which focuses on disability and limitations of the individual and presents an alternative approach to human services by building on the strengths of the individual and the unique aspects of each community. These are an essential collection for anyone working in human services and community programs.

Pages 4 books
Year 2015, 2014 and 2008


Al Condeluci, Ph.D. has been an advocate and catalyst for building community since 1970. He emerged as a national leader in understanding social culture and a consultant on human services and community issues. He speaks annually to national and international audiences reaching some 15,000 people each year. His books have won accolades and awards for their content – well thought out approaches to culture and community – and are used in classroom settings at many colleges, universities and in-service settings. Dr. Condeluci is associated with the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work and School of Health and Rehabilitation Science and Robert Morris University Graduate School of Business. In these academic roles, Dr. Condeluci teaches, supervises students, and serves as advisor and consultant.

Dr. Condeluci organized the Interdependence Network (I.N.) in 2008, a collaborative network organization that focuses on relationships and coordinated effort between disability-based human service organizations in the United States and Canada. It explores the concept of social capital and community engagement and their roles in the field of rehabilitation in the lives of people with disabilities. Interdependence Network’s purpose is to provide the rehabilitation community with a central repository of information in order to research, develop, evaluate and disseminate successful ways that the Interdependent paradigm of social capital can be embraced.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, who still lives there, Dr. Condeluci earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Youngstown State University, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been with Community Living and Support Services (CLASS) since 1973, currently serving as the CEO. This agency, through multiple corporations, works towards a building community where everyone belongs (inclusion)


The Macro Change Handbook: Organizing For Advocacy - Formal Steps to Macro Change

In his newest and fourth book on community inclusion for persons with disabilities, Al Condeluci focuses on the change process. Do you change the person who has a disability or special needs or do you change the environment? By addressing both, Dr. Condeluci explores the meaning and methods for micro and macro change. Taking a broader look at advocacy, he builds on the key concepts and theories of organizing with lots of examples of advocacy for both individual as well as systemic cultural change. This pragmatic approach to advocacy and community change is a practical handbook that will guide any advocate family member, individual, provider or policy analyst through the nitty gritty of promoting and achieving real change for persons with disabilities and the community.

Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change

Shifting from the micro model found in so many policies and procedures that approach the person with a physical, mental, or emotional disability as the problem, this new book on social capital by Al Condeluci, Ph.D., and Jeff Fromknecht, MSW/JD, offers a macro approach for human services in the community and for people with disabilities. By helping people find their commonality, disabilities matter less. This is an essential book for any provider or organization involved in clinical care, residential services, and support services. It will challenge readers to self-examine their policies and program models and recognize that we are all interdependent.

Essence of Interdependence: Building community for everyone

By challenging how peoples differences are viewed, Dr. Al Condeluci asserts that the problem is not that people have disabilities. Rather, the problem is how typical people in a community come to see and know people with disabilities. Using the concept of social capital, the author explores the similarities among all people and the steps that are necessary to build the bridges that lead to personal relationships. Looking at the roles, expectations, behavior and stereotypes of people with and without disabilities, this manual lays the foundation for personal growth and larger societal change. Using a paradigm or model for interdependence, methods for moving from a medical model to a community approach show how to support the development, growth and independence of people with disabilities as integral figures in their communities. Weaving together personal accounts and frank discussions with clinical expertise and social theory, this manual is engaging reading with a powerful message for all. Whether you are a clinician, educator, caregiver, family member or advocate, you will find this book engaging, insightful and challenging. Most of all, it will make you rethink your beliefs, attitudes and approach to inclusion of people with disabilities in your community.

Together is Better: Creating a community where each belongs

This book is about change and about how to make things better by fostering community inclusion for persons with disabilities. Building on the simple concept of community, it explores the complexities, challenges and rewards of working to develop a community where each person belongs – young and old, children and adults, with and without disabilities. Condeluci shows how to build tolerance of differences within a community. Topics include...

  • understanding the concepts of community and social capital
  • looking at what we all have in common
  • finding a community and understanding how it operates
  • working with the gatekeeper

As an interactive manual, it guides the reader through exercises with narratives that teach about communities and demonstrates methods for becoming a valued member. Written for persons of all abilities and ages, it can be used by parents of children with special needs, by professionals to assist participants, people with disabilities or consumers, and by individuals for personal growth.

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