Section 504 Plan Checklist for a Student with a Brain Injury

Section 504 Plan Checklist for a Student with a Brain Injury

Janet Tyler, Ph.D. and Linda R. Wilkerson, M.S.Ed

An educational plan under Section 504 can support a student with a brain injury in school. This tip card helps parents, educators and therapists identify accommodations in school to support and assist a student with an acquired brain injury (TBI). It explains how Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act applies for a student or child with a brain injury in school and how eligibility is determined.

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A Section 504 Plan for a student with a mild brain injury, concussion or post concussion syndrome can provide classroom support. This tip card identifies classroom accommodations for children and describes how to write functional educational plans for TBI students in the classroom. Checklists show accommodations for processing delays, memory deficits, visual spatial deficits, fine motor difficulties, gross motor difficulties, mobility, fatigue, attention, organizational skills, academic progress, emotional adjustment, behavior, transitions, and technology.

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Year 2007, second edition


Janet Tyler, Ph.D.

Dr. Tyler is the Director of the Kansas State Department of Educationís Neurologic Disabilities Support Project, a statewide program that provides inservice training, consultation and technical assistance to educators serving students with traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Tyler also serves as an adjunct member of the Department of Special Educationís graduate faculty at the University of Kansas where she provides preservice training in traumatic brain injury. Since 1987, she has published, presented and consulted widely on educational issues related to traumatic brain injury.

Linda R. Wilkerson, M.S.Ed

Ms Wilkerson is currently CEO of Minds Matter LLC which provides therapies to individuals in their home and community settings. Minds Matter LLC also provides training and consulting designed to support the needs of staff and agencies working in the community with individuals with disabilities. Prior to working for Minds Matter LLC, Ms Wilkerson worked in the field of education for 25 years.


This tip card helps parents, educators and therapists...

  • determine student eligibility
  • identify needed accommodations
  • advocate for students
  • write functional educational plans

What is Section 504?

How Does Section 504 Define Disability?

How is Eligibility Determined?

What is a 504 Plan?

What Types of Accommodations Can Be Provided with a 504 Plan?

  • Processing delays
  • Memory deficits
  • Visual spatial deficits
  • Fine motor difficulties
  • Gross motor difficulties
  • Mobility
  • Fatigue
  • Attention
  • Organizational skills
  • Academic progress
  • Emotional well-being
  • Behavior
  • Transitions
  • Technology




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What is Section 504?

Section 504 is a civil rights act. It protects the civil and constitutional rights of persons with disabilities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 states that schools receiving federal financial assistance may not discriminate against individuals with disabilities. Some students with disabilities may need adjustments or modifications to the learning environment and curriculum to benefit from their educational program. In this situation, classroom teachers and school staff are required to provide the necessary accommodations.

What Types of Accommodations Can Be Provided with a 504 Plan?

The following checklist includes concerns that commonly occur following a brain injury. Listed after each concern are a number of possible accommodations. Use the lists in this tip card to help identify the studentís needs and develop the 504 accommodation plan.

Processing Delays

Possible Accommodations:

  • Increased time to complete assignments/tests
  • Extended time to provide verbal answers
  • Complex directions broken into steps
  • Repetition of pertinent information

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