All About Me! My Life as a Teenager

All About Me! My Life as a Teenager

Roberta DePompei, Ph.D.

Booklet helps adolescents identify strengths and difficulties after brain injury and describes learning strategies and accommodations needed in school.

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Full Description

This booklet on brain injury helps teenagers with any diagnosis describe special needs and become self-advocates.

Using short narratives and checklists, sections include friendships and interests, special needs, and assistance needed. It provides detailed information on how to negotiate accommodations and compensatory strategies in school after a traumatic brain injury.

The section on preparing for adulthood after TBI helps the adolescent think about work, hopes, dreams and personal happiness. It can be used independently by teenagers or with parents and brain injury therapists.

ISBN# 1-931117-07-1
Pages 16 pages, 5½x 8½softcover
Year 2000


Roberta DePompei, Ph.D.

Roberta DePompei, Ph.D., is a Professor and Clinical Supervisor at the Audiology and Speech Center at the University of Akron in Ohio. An advocate of the needs of youths with brain injuries and their families, she is on numerous national task forces and committees, as well as former co-chair of the Special Interest Group on Children and Adolescents with Brain Injuries for the Brain Injury Association of America.

Widely published and a national and international presenter, Dr. DePompei specializes in the impact of brain injury upon speech, language and communication. She is especially interested in developing transitional opportunities for students as they progress through school and prepare for adulthood.


All About Me! My Life as a Teenager

Personal Information

My Special Needs

What Kind of Help I Need

My School

Things that Make a Difference for Me are...


Hopes and Dreams

My Feelings

Personal References

Notes to Myself


Things that make a difference for me are...

Where I sit

  • Front of room
  • Away from hall or window
  • In quiet area
  • Near teacher

Things that help me get organized and remember are...

  • Calculator
  • Paper holder
  • Tape recorder
  • Bigger print
  • Cues with pictures instead of words
  • Extra time
  • Computer
  • Special pen or pencil
  • Quiet organized place

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