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Compilation of Authors and Articles from Brain Injury Journey Magazine

Compilation of Authors and Articles from Brain Injury Journey Magazine

Brain Injury Journey offers hope, help and healing for everyone in the TBI community - families, caregivers, survivors, providers, clinicians, and educators. Previously produced as a magazine, all past issues are now compiled as a book. You will find information, support and resources on topics ranging from family coping and caregiving to blast injury and PTSD to mild brain injury and concussion. Ideal for all settings from hospitals to rehabilitation to home and community. Brain Injury Journey is a gem that you will read and use over and over again - and find new information and insights each time!

This collection of brain injury information and support belongs in every living room, library, university, and waiting room. You'll find hope, help, and healing in every issue!


Brain Injury Journey Magazine Book Set

Edited by Barbara Stahura and Marilyn Lash, this special collection of Brain Injury Journey magazines in 2 volume book set features articles for families, survivors, caregivers, educators, coaches, and clinicians. Ideal for waiting rooms, resource libraries, universities, hospitals, and rehabilitation programs, it is also a valuable resource to use at home. Written in user friendly magazine style, the articles address all aspects of brain injury and tips have been added for coping strategies with checklists. Save when you order this special set.
Price: $35.00

Special Collection, Brain Injury Journey Magazine, Vol 1

Edited by Barbara Stahura and Marilyn Lash, this collection compiles feature articles from the first 4 issues of Brain Injury Journey magazine - and offers introspective, insightful observations and helpful information for survivors of brain injury, their families and caregivers, and professional care providers, too.

Tackling issues such as family coping, caregiver stress, grief and loss, legal issues, survivor perspectives, journaling, clinical treatment, children and adolescents, sports injuries and concussion, PTSD & veterans - this book has it all! The beauty of the articles is the easy writing style understandable to the average layperson, yet still relevant to any clinician. Expert authors reveal the human side of brain injury, and still inform readers of advances in neurorehabilitation, cognitive therapy, research findings and more.

From the living room to the doctor or therapist's waiting room, this is one book that provides a lot of "a-ha" moments and can easily be read one article at a time.

This is more than a book it is a useful tool for living a full life after brain inury. From tips on rebuilding your life after brain injury, to preventing concussions, to understanding that you're not alone as a survivor, family member or caregiver...this is not your typical neurology-related magazine. It's all about life and how to strive to continue day-to-day. Page one is where everyone can start finding new ways to live it!

Price: $20.00

Special Collection Brain Injury Journey Magazine Vol 2

Edited by Barbara Stahura and Marilyn Lash, this special collection features Issues 5-8 from Brain Injury Journey Magazine. By adding even more information from our tip cards on acquired and traumatic brain injury, it is a valuable and practical resource that belongs in every home, waiting room, hospital, clinic, and agency.

With articles spanning topics from family coping, grief and loss, caregiving, survivor support, wounded veterans, clinical updates, sports injuries, and educating students, this volume has something for everyone. More than a book, it is a tool and path to rebuilding life after brain injury.

Price: $20.00