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Information on New TBI Products

Information on New TBI Products

New products on brain injury, blast injury, PTSD, concussion, and faith.

We are constantly adding new brain injury products, books, manuals, tip cards, CDs, DVDs, tool kits and training programs on the treatment, education and rehabilitation of children, adults and veterans with concussion and brain injury (TBI). Find the newest information, educational materials, and therapeutic programs for families, educators, therapists and clinicians for use in hospitals, rehabiltation, schools and community programs.


Processing Speed after Brain Injury

This Tip Card will help one understand the function of processing speed, recognize problems, and develop activities that address impaired processing speed. Organic dysfunctions contribute to impairment without the person being aware there is a problem.

Processing speed improvements are achieved by challenging an individual to think, move, and respond quicker through training and experience. Even though it affects the survivor, everyone is encouraged to be involved in the therapy process.

Item: PRSP
Price: $1.00