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Traumatic Brain Injury and Cognition

Traumatic Brain Injury and Cognition

Information on Traumatic Brain Injury and Cognition

A traumatic brain injury, blast injury or concussion can affect cognition. Put simply, it can affect how a child, adult or veteran thinks and learns. This can have widespread effects on daily life, relationships, school, and work for survivors and families. These brain injury books provide information for the treatment of cognitive disorders after a concussion, traumatic brain injury or blast injury.


Turning Points: Positive outcomes of intensive psychotherapeutic interventions in holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation settings

Turning Points is an innovative new clinical textbook/manual by international leaders in brain injury treatment and rehabilitation, Yehuda Ben-Yishay, Ph.D. and Leonard Diller, Ph.D., with contributions by George P. Prigatano, Ph.D. and E. Daniels-Zide and D. Biderman. Featuring case studies, authors explore psychotherapeutic interventions for neuropsychological rehabilitation. They explore techniques for optimizing information processing, facilitating receptivity, and inducing self-enhancing behaviors in individuals with brain injury. Ideal for clinicians, graduate students, and trainees working in brain injury.

Price: $25.00