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Traumatic Brain Injury and School

Traumatic Brain Injury and School

Books on traumatic brain injury for schools and educators

Students with traumatic brain injury may have educational challenges in school. These books help parents, educators and clinicians identify students with brain injury, assess their special learning needs, and develop educational programs and supports in school.Theyhave information for school staff on brain development and the effects of head trauma on a student's learning, behavior, social skills and communication.


ELVIN The Elephant Who Forgets

A story book for children explains traumatic brain injury through the story of Elvin the elephant who has a tree branch fall on his head. It helps children learn how a brain injury can affect learning, emotions, behavior and relationships in school and at home. It shows the difference between physical or visible and cognitive or invisible disabilities and special needs for help in school.

ELVIN is also available as e-book .

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Students with Brain Injury: Challenges for Identification, Learning and Behavior in the Classroom

A brain injury can have many physical, cognitive and behavioral consequences for students. This manual gives educators and parents a foundation for understanding the educational needs and behavioral challenges of children with traumatic brain injuries with in-depth discussions of how to help students think and learn and how to help students with behavioral challenges.

Students with Brain Injury is also available as an eBook click here .

Item: SWBI
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Signs and Strategies for Educating Students with Brain Injuries

Educating students with brain injuries

Educating a student with a brain injury can be challenging for teachers and therapists unfamiliar with the immediate and long-term consequences of brain trauma. This manual describes the effects of acquired brain injuries on a student's learning, behavior, communication, cognition and adjustment in school and at home. There are strategies for instruction, support and accommodation with student vignettes.

Signs and Strategies is also available as an eBook click here.

Item: SSES
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Learning and Cognitive Communication Challenges: Developing Educational Programs for Students with Brain Injuries

Cognitive communication - or how the student with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) thinks and learns can challenge educators unfamiliar with TBI. This manual explains the dynamics of cognitive processes and classroom behaviors. Developmental challenges are explored with the increased language demands of English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.

Larning and Cognitive Communication Challenges is also available as an eBook click here.
Item: LCCC
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Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors of Students with Brain Injuries

Behaviors in students with brain injuries are often the most frustrating, confusing and problematic issue for educators and parents at home and in school. This manual explains how brain trauma can affect behavior in a student. It provides a systematic step-by-step approach to using applied behavior analysis to address challenging behaviors in students with brain injuries. The manual comes with a CD with all worksheets and forms.

Item: SMCB
Price: $30.00

Changes in Self Awareness Among Students with Brain Injuries

A student with a traumatic brain injury or TBI may have limited awareness of cognitive, social and behavioral difficulties. This can be challenging for educators as the student may resist supports and accommodations. This manual explains how brain trauma can affect self awareness and shows educators how to use awareness activities to help students with brain injuries in middle and high schools.

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Compensatory Systems for Students with Brain Injuries

Developing and implementing compensatory strategies for students with TBI or traumatic brain injury are complicated by multiple teachers and classroom changes in middle and high schools. This manual shows educators how to select a compensatory system, teach students how to use it, and monitor its effectiveness with adolescent students with a consistent plan for all teachers and classes.

Item: COMP
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Parents and Educators as Partners: A workbook on helping your child after brain injury

Workbook for parents of children and youth with acquired brain injury shows how to work more effectively as partners with educators to address the student's special needs for education and support in the classroom. It shows how to apply 6 essential skills used by professional case managers to negotiate educational services for the student. Included with the manual is a CD with over 60 pages of printable worksheets.

Item: PEPW
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Going to College: When a Student has a Brain Injury

College does not provide the same entitlements and supports as special education services in public schools. This tip card helps students with traumatic brain injury learn about federal laws for students with disabilities and how to negotiate accommodations in college.
Item: COLL
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