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Vocational Rehabilitation after Brain Injury

Vocational Rehabilitation after Brain Injury

Brain Injury and Vocational Rehabilitation

Many survivors question their ability to return to work after a brain injury. Young adult survivors find it hard to get hired for the first job. Vocational rehabilitation addresses the physical, cognitive, emotional, communicative and behavioral changes related to a brain injury that can affect job readiness and employment. These workbooks help therapists, clinicians, vocational counselors, as well as survivors and family members, recognize and address the challenges of working with a neurological impairment.


Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job after Brain Injury: A workbook and training program

A vocational training program for adults with traumatic and other types of acquired brain injuries living in the community includes 20 structured sessions with a workbook and CD with worksheets. Part One of the vocational curriculum helps survivors of brain injuries and blast injuries explore their interests, concerns and readiness for finding a job or returning to work. Part Two covers steps of looking for a job with attention to disclosure of a disability, on the job accommodations, resume preparation and interviewing. Part Three covers strategies for keeping a job and avoiding problems on the job.

Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job is also available as an eBook click here.

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